Here's how Authoriti is helping state and local governments during the coronavirus crisis:

  1. Free use of our platform to eliminate payment fraud as finance and security departments deal with a large number of new suppliers. 

  2. Help states reopen with special use of our platform that allows low-risk individuals to prove they are cleared to return to work and social gatherings.

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1. Eliminate vendor payment fraud with our free transaction signing platform.

The distraction caused by the pandemic is presenting yet another opportunity for cyber criminals. Here's how our Permission Code® 
stops payment fraud before it starts:

  • Your vendors submit a Smart PIN with their invoice or payment change request. 

  • The Smart PIN contains the details of the transaction to prevent it from being misused, and guarantees that the invoice amount and payment details are digitally signed and that they originated from the original vendor.

  • The Smart PIN allows an organization to easily validate that the changes to payment instructions are authentic, and to validate invoices before making payments. 

2. Help states reopen with secure, privacy enhanced eHealth certificates that enable individuals to show employers and others that they are healthy and ready to return.


States use contact tracers and labs to determine the risk of having a person safely participate in the reopened economy. That leaves the problem of how those people show an employer, retail or social venue that they are low-risk and ready to return.
We repurposed our Permission Code platform to solve this information infrastructure issue. With it, we provide a way for certified labs, contact tracers, and apps to generate a private and secure code that proves an individual is currently deemed low risk—without the logistical, privacy and security challenges of a massively centralized database.

A Permission Code Smart PIN acts like a Covid-19 eHealth certificate. Here's how it works:

  • If a certified lab were to find antibodies, or any contact tracing service or app determines someone is low risk, they can issue a time-limited, smart-PIN which confirms who it was issued to, who issued it, and what test was performed.  

  • That PIN can be checked at the point of contact to show someone is ready to return.  It’s like a building access pass that security can check at the door.  

  • No Personally Identifiable Information or Personal Health Information is registered or stored in a central database, and all identities are irreversibly one-way encrypted. In fact, no data needs to leave the user’s phone. Regardless of which app or system creates it, any venue can check the validity of an eHealth PIN at any time.

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