Permission Code Smart PINs eliminate the ability for criminals to reroute money during real estate closing transactions.



  • Real estate escrow accounts are exposed when fraudsters change wire transfer disbursement instructions to reroute money. Attorneys and title companies that manage escrow accounts are at risk.

  • According to the most recent FBI data, $969 million is annually “diverted or attempted to be diverted” from real estate purchase transactions.


  • Require Permission Code Smart PINs from anyone providing new or changed wire instructions.

  • Using their smart phone, legitimate parties can easily provide secure payment details. The escrow holder can confirm the instructions are authorized and came from the correct party.

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The Authoriti Network was founded in 2017 to create new ways of preventing identity theft, fraud, and misuse of data.  Our founders have significant leadership experience dealing with InfoSec at-scale in the world's leading financial institutions.  Authoriti develops the Permission Code® platform, which uses customer-originated Smart PINs to give businesses the confidence that every transaction is authorized.      



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