VIDEO - A Better Contact Center with the Authoriti Permission Code® Platform

Watch here (1:33).

1. The Problem:

Contact centers have been caught in a classic Catch-22: ....either give callers a pleasant experience or protect them from fraud.

You know the drill: endless automated questions, only to be asked the same questions again once you finally get the representative. And then you’re put on hold while they transfer you to the “correct” representative.

In short, the customer experience is broken.

2. The Solution:

Authoriti has flipped the model and given control to the callers. We’ve not only eliminated the questions, we’ve eliminated the call transfers. For callers, it’s now as easy as two clicks: 1) select the reason for the call and 2) press dial.

With Authoriti, the representative knows who you are and why you’re calling – before they answer. Calls are pre-routed to the appropriate specialist. Fraudulent calls are prevented. All without asking more questions!

3. The Benefits: Eliminating caller challenges reduces call time, which makes everyone happy:

  • Improved Customer Experience

  • Reduced Fraud

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Lower Cost

Visit to see how we can improve your call center.

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The Authoriti Network was founded in 2017 to create new ways of preventing identity theft, fraud, and misuse of data.  Our founders have significant leadership experience dealing with InfoSec at-scale in the world's leading financial institutions.  Authoriti develops the Permission Code® platform, which uses customer-originated Smart PINs to give businesses the confidence that every transaction is authorized.      



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