Eliminate the possibility of accounts payables 
being diverted by business email compromise 
fraud attacks.



  • Cybercriminals are attacking organizations' vendor payments process using elaborate business email compromise scams and simple phony invoices.

  • Finance/accounts payable staff are struggling to ensure that funds are being directed to the vendor's legitimate accounts.  


  • Vendors submit an Authoriti Permission Code Smart PIN with their invoice or payment change request.

  • The Smart PIN contains the details of the transaction to prevent it from being misused, and guarantees that the invoice amount and payment details are digitally signed and originated from the original vendor and none other.

  • The Permission Code allows an organization to easily validate that the changes to payment instructions are authentic, and to validate an invoice before making payments.

  • This provides absolute confidence and trust in the transaction regardless of the channel used (email, telephone, fax, online, etc.).

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