Account: Choose the account you wish to inquire about or make changes to. This account Identifier must match the one that you are using to identify yourself to the institution (like your bank account number, your social security number, etc.).

Account Identifiers are defined in the “My IDs” section and stored in your digital wallet on this device.

Time limit: How long do you want your authorization to last? This is typically very short, like 15 minutes, unless the financial institution requests it to be longer.

Allow access to: Select one or more types of information you want to authorize discussing or changing.  This list changes depending on which of our partners you are talking to, but some common options are below

Account Balances: Current balances, funds availability, loans, & brokerage positions.

Recent Transactions: Specific transactions such as a deposit or withdrawal.

Change account information: Changes to ATM and debit card PINs, changes to your mailing address, etc.

General questions: General questions or any activity related to your account that's not on this list.

Link accounts: Connecting multiple accounts together.

Fees and Charges: Any bank fees, service charges, etc.


You can click the button to generate and view your Permission Code PIN.  If you see a green "Call Now" button, you can also get express access to a call center to make your changes.  Click that and your PIN will be automatically sent as we connect you to an agent who can help you in no time.

tech tip: if you want to remember any of these selections the next time you come back to this screen, swipe left on a value and set it as default

tech tip: any time you enter information into a form that generates an Authoriti QR code, you can tap the QR scan icon (next to the help icon) to automatically load all of the info into your app

tech tip: want to manage your wallet, edit settings, check for requests, or just see another part of the app?   Just tap the back arrow in the top left corner.