“My IDs” 


This page lets you add, delete, and update IDs in your wallet


Manually Add an ID:

To add a new ID yourself , tap the "+" above the list of "self registered IDs".  Note that some places wont accept IDs that weren't loaded into your wallet by them.


ID Description: Enter text that you will use to name your account or ID.  It could be something like “BankABC Checking” for your checking account, or just “SSN” for your Social Security Number.


ID Number: Enter the  account or ID number.  Please do this carefully!


OK: Accept the ID that’s been added or updated


Finished: All done editing your wallet?  Click here!

Cloud Download:

Have accounts to add from an Authorit partner that aren't yet in your wallet?  Tap the cloud download icon in the top right corner.  You will be asked for a few simple things and we will load them for you

Invitation Code: Enter the initial password (invitation) given to you by our partner

Username: Type your username or ID at that partner.  Maybe it's your online login, or maybe they gave you a one-time login name

Password: Type in the password that goes with the above username at our partner

OK: click this button and we will load your account ID(s) from that partner into your wallet!

Cloud Refresh:

If you think your IDs downloaded from one of our partners may have changed, you've come to the right place.  Simply tap the refresh symbol (circle with an arrow) to the right of our partner's name and we will refresh all your wallet items from them.

If your password for ID downloads has been changed by your institution, you will be asked for the new one.

Delete an ID: 

Want to remove an ID?  That's OK, we've been there.  Simply swipe left the ID to delete and tap the delete button.  It's gone

Finished: All done editing your wallet? Click here!