Automatically authenticate the customer and the reasons for the transaction - before connecting with an agent.



  • Channels like chat are hard to secure, so it's easy to impersonate a user. 

  • Trying to focus on who an agent is chatting with - and hoping the channel doesn't get hijacked - results in poor security and a poor client experience. 


  • With the Authoriti Permission Code Smart PIN, the customer provides a secure, one-time PIN to authorize the action they want to take.

  • Instead of the "who," a registered user can generate a unique PIN that confirms the "what" and securely authorizes the action."

  • When an agent receives a Smart PIN, they can quickly and easily check it to make sure it came from the real customer, and that it authorizes the exact activity. 

  • If a Permission Code is ever intercepted by someone else, it can only be used to perform the transaction that the real customer wants.