Automatically authenticate the customer and the reasons for the transaction - before connecting with an agent.

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  • Customers seeking assistance are regularly irritated by layers of automated system prompts.

  • Call centers re-authenticate customers with high-friction PII and KBA data that is insecure and potentially exposed.

  • Data collected for call analytics (e.g. call purpose) is usually entered manually by the agent, wasting valuable time and creating the potential for error and bias.


  • With the Authoriti Permission Code Smart PIN, agents can automatically determine if callers are authorized and determine why they're calling -- all before connecting, and without annoying menus and KBAs.

  • As shown below, agents know the caller and the reason(s) for his/her call before connecting.

  • Calls can be pre-routed based on the call purpose, eliminating complaints about post-connection transfers.

  • Customers no longer have to contend with layers of IVR challenges.

  • Agents don’t need to further challenge customers to prove their identity, reducing unnecessary exposure of customer PII data to call center employees. 

  • Data regarding the reason(s) for the call is automatically captured for analytics, providing high quality data without post call handling.

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