Frictionless Security.


Authoriti's mobile-first Permission Code® technology
puts customers in control, eliminating risk.


The Frictionless Experience

Today’s customers expect a frictionless user experience – without the worry of identity theft. Why can’t they have it both ways? Actually, now they can. The secret? Flipping who controls the transaction. 


Authoriti’s Permission Code® app lets customers control how their accounts and data are used. This customer-centered, mobile-first experience is completely aligned with a modern digital experience. With Authoriti, customers give permission to the business – not the other way around

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Video: Eliminate Friction & Fraud


"We're constantly challenging customers
to prove themselves -- in order to let them
do something with their own account."

Authoriti Co-founder & Chairman Lou Steinberg joined TAG Cyber Founder & CEO
Ed Amoroso's video podcast.


Lou discussed his views on decentralized authorization for Financial Institutions.

July 11, 2019

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Friction and fraud frustrates everyone. Authoriti provides personalization that allows customers to control their experience, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing the risk of fraud.

The choice between friction and fraud is finally eliminated.

The choice between friction and fraud is finally eliminated.

      For the Institution: CONFIDENCE

      For the Customer: CONTROL

Benefits of the Authoriti Permission Code platform include:

● Reduces customer friction, improving the overall customer experience.
● Improves the business’s security posture, eliminating the potential for fraud.
● Eliminates the complexity that fraudsters exploit.
● Enables new service offerings.
● Allows customers to control their own data from an omni-channel platform (call-center, web, mobile, chat, paper).
● Provides a definitive transaction authorization record.


Authoriti Co-founder and Chairman
Lou Steinberg appeared with
Maria Bartiromo during the Business of Innovation segment on "Mornings with Maria."

Lou explained how the Authoriti
Permission Code platform eliminates
friction and fraud with a new approach
that personalizes and simplifies
transaction authorization. 
May 30, 2019

"We're giving customers control
over how their data gets used."

Q: What fintech partnerships could make the biggest impact?

A: "We just reached a partnership with a company called Authoriti. There’s an app out there — Valley Authoriti for Google and Apple users. We introduced that about a month ago now and I think we're really seeing positive feedback from that."

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Ira Robbins, CEO Valley Bank

Quoted in American Banker
March 7, 2019


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