Our Permission Code® platform gives you the confidence
that every transaction is authorized

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High-Risk Transactions

Eliminate fraud with absolute transaction confidence 

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Transactions over Chat

Provide transaction details before connecting with the agent

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Contact Center Communications

1-time PIN authenticates 
and authorizes reasons
for the call 

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When you want
it all: impenetrable  

security and a smooth customer experience.

The Authoriti Permission Code 

embeds user identity and transaction details in a Smart PIN - ensuring a quick, painless and productive CX.

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The Problem

Today's authentication model for securing financial transactions has failed. Despite innovations such as multi-factor authentication, crimes associated with financial transactions are spiraling out of control and man-in-the-middle fraud is rampant.


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The Authoriti Permission Code platform allows users to easily embed unique details in a digitally signed, tamper-proof Smart PIN.

Traditional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is well-known to cyber security practitioners but MFA does not double-check the authorization piece.

In contrast, Multi-Factor Authorization - or MFAz - provides an off-system functionality by which an agent can authenticate a customer's authorization for a secure transaction.

How Authoriti Embraces MFAz

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Transaction details typically include account numbers, payment amount, and time and place specifications for the transaction.

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The Solution

By putting the customer in control of generating and signing their own transactions, the Authoriti Permission Code Smart PIN:


  • Improves the user experience
      No passwords, no challenges

  • Lowers costs
      Simple decentralized service, no complex database

  • Reduces fraud
      Confirms not just who but what is being authorized

Even if a fraudster intercepts the Smart PIN, it can only be used to execute the original transaction. 
By including transaction details in the Smart PIN, the risk of fraud is eliminated.

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