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Transaction Security

Authoriti provides absolute transaction security

by embedding user identity and

transaction details in a Smart PIN.

Our Permission Code® platform gives businesses the confidence that every transaction is authorized, plus:

  1. Outstanding CX. No passwords, no challenges, plus user control

  2. Low cost. Simple decentralized service, no complex database

  3. Absolute security. Confirm not just "who," but also "what" is being authorized- after all, fraud is a transaction, not a person!

Authoriti is the only transaction platform that delivers all three.

Now Chat providers can automatically authenticate

customers and the reason for their transactions—before they connect with an agent.


How Authoriti Embraces MFAz

Traditional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is well-known to cyber security practitioners. But MFA does not double-check the authorization piece. By contrast, Multi-Factor Authorization - or MFAz - provides an off-system functionality by which an agent can authenticate a customer's authorization for a secure transaction.

MFAz is an innovative mechanism through which the agent can positively affirm that the customer is making the specific request (since they can't see or hear them in person). The MFAz process also affirms that the customer can have confidence that the institution won't execute transactions on their behalf without explicit and cross-checked approval.

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Permission Code Smart PINs secure and authorize transactions 
by embedding the user's identity with the transaction details.

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Today's authentication model for securing financial transactions has failed. Despite innovations such as multi-factor authentication, crimes associated with financial transactions are spiraling out of control and man-in-the-middle fraud is rampant.



By putting the customer in control of generating and signing their own transactions, the Authoriti Permission Code Smart PIN improves the user experience, lowers costs and reduces fraud. 

Video: Improve the Customer Experience and Eliminate Fraud with the Authoriti Permission Code Smart PIN

Authoriti flips the model on centralized authentication platforms that use "Dumb" PIN technology by empowering users to originate "Smart" PINs. Here's how we do it:

  • The Authoriti Permission Code platform eliminates fraud by allowing users to easily embed both their identity and transaction details in a digitally signed, tamper-proof Smart PIN. Transaction details typically include account numbers, payment amount, and a time restriction for the transaction.

  • By securing the transaction, Permission Code Smart PINs can be distributed through any channel without risk of misuse. Even if a PIN is somehow intercepted, it can only authorize the specific transaction that the user originally requested. It is a true transaction-signing solution, delivering an optimized combination of security, usability and cost of ownership.

A better user experience with stronger security.

"The problem will not be solved by a new and better way to challenge users to hard authenticate. Nor will it be solved by a new and better channel to communicate with a trusted user... The problem will be solved when we change our approach to match the new needs and focus on protecting what the user wants - their transaction."

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Lou Steinberg, Authoriti Chairman

From SC Magazine, April 2020

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The Authoriti Network was founded in 2017 to create new ways of preventing identity theft, fraud, and misuse of data.  Our founders have significant leadership experience dealing with InfoSec at-scale in the world's leading financial institutions.  Authoriti develops the Permission Code® platform, which uses customer-originated Smart PINs to give businesses the confidence that every transaction is authorized.      



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