Friction and Fraud

Improve customer experience and reduce fraud

with the Authoriti Permission Code® platform.

We Flipped the Model.

We flipped the every day transaction model to protect the way we move money
and share personal information. Authoriti Permission Code
® technology gives institutions
the confidence that every transaction is consumer authorized.
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"We're constantly challenging customers
to prove themselves -- in order to let them
do something with their own account."

Authoriti Co-founder & Chairman Lou Steinberg joined TAG Cyber Founder & CEO
Ed Amoroso's video podcast.


Lou discussed his views on decentralized authorization for Financial Institutions.

July 11, 2019

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Friction and fraud frustrates everyone. Authoriti provides personalization that allows customers to control their experience, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing the risk of fraud.

      For the Institution: CONFIDENCE

      For the Customer: CONTROL

With the Authoriti Permission Code platform:

  • Customers gain control and privacy

  • Records of authentication and authorization are created

  • Standalone smart PINs create flexibility for future services

  • Central databases are eliminated, decentralizing risk

  • The platform scales easily, running in parallel or integrated

  • Transaction platforms are consolidated, increasing operational efficiency.

Who Benefits?

Institutions:  Institutions that want to fight fraud and protect healthcare data will gain very real reputational and economic benefits.  In fact, anyone with a fraud department is already trying to solve this problem. The explicit Permission Code prevents fraud more effectively, without triggering false alarms.


Institutions that share data typically over-provision access to screen scrapers and aggregators. Permission Codes can limit the type of data accessed.


Customers: By controlling the transaction, consumers will value the comfort of knowing that their information can't be misused. 


Authoriti Co-founder and Chairman
Lou Steinberg appeared with
Maria Bartiromo during the Business of Innovation segment on "Mornings with Maria."

Lou explained how the Authoriti
Permission Code platform eliminates
friction and fraud with a new approach
that personalizes and simplifies
transaction authorization. 
May 30, 2019

"We're giving customers control
over how their data gets used."

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Q: What fintech partnerships could make the biggest impact?

A: "We just reached a partnership with a company called Authoriti. There’s an app out there — Valley Authoriti for Google and Apple users. We introduced that about a month ago now and I think we're really seeing positive feedback from that."

Ira Robbins, CEO Valley Bank

Quoted in American Banker
March 7, 2019


The Authoriti Permission Code Platform

Watch How it Works!


The Customer's Experience

Users can generate Permission Code smart PINs on a smartphone. If the smartphone app is used, no Internet access is required.


In a typical use case, the user will authenticate to the app on his or her smartphone, either by entering a password for the app, or by using the phone's biometric authentication capabilities such as a fingerprint scan or facial recognition.  Once authenticated, the user can allow the customizable default settings to be used, or can adjust settings to fit a specific need.


The parameters include the identifier requiring authorization (e.g., SSN, credit card number, driver's license number), the time span the authorization is valid for (ranging from just hours up to months), the geographic region, and the industry (e.g., retail, healthcare, banking).  The app then generates a 10-character Permission Code which is displayed both as text and as a QR code.


The Institution’s Experience


The organization consuming this data simply captures and tests a Permission Code.  Capture can be input manually or scanned via a QR code. Validating the code be done at the time of capture, or in subsequent batch processing.


Validating Permission Codes at the time of capture eliminates the need to store them. To access Authoriti.net, our customers are provided with a simple API, that easily integrates into their existing CRM environment.



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